Month: July 2014

Using a Fake Hospital Note is Really Taking A Chance

Becoming your boss’s pets or the boss’s favorite is not possible for everyone. Hence, they need to find a way for the boss’s to accept their excuses for the holidays they desperately need which otherwise will be impossible to get. The medical illnesses are one of the best reasons for giving an excuse; hence many people use fake hospital notes even when they are not ill. However, anything which is not genuine definitely is a big risk as it can question the very existence of the job if found culprit. Fortunate and smart makers of real looking fake notes lower the chances of their offense coming under the lens of their employers and save themselves from losing the job.

The dangers of a fake note

The fake note templates if used without any adjustments can be dangerous in case the employers check the validity of the details. This is done by contacting the doctor in the hospital by the telephone number. The institutions like hospitals have systematic lists of patients in their records and hence can immediately reveal the truth to the employers. The employers can either penalize or remove the person from job. Our fate lies in the hands of employers, in case the employers do not check then there is a possibility that you not only get a holiday but are also get paid for the same. Skip work just by using a fake doctor’s note.

Be a smart employee


Nowadays, there is a possibility to dupe the employers with the professional services of people who help make and deliver forged hospital notes which look genuine in a day. If the numbers of leaves required are higher, then probably the limitations quoted can be serious requiring a certain number of rest days or operational procedures in a hospital. In most cases, the employees must time their holidays appropriately so that the employers will have fewer issues and there is less risk of penalties and expulsion.

Employers stand on doctor’s note

Many employers nowadays understand if a note is forged; however have no option but to accept as they do not have sufficient proofs for the forgery. Also, in case of slack period in business, they believe the employees can be given a break so that they resume fully energetic and proactive. However, dealing with fake hospital notes during the urgent client needs of the employers definitely can call for some risks, as the notes will be under a strict scanner. Ultimately, no businessman wants to incur losses in business.

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The behavior check

The employee who has taken repeated leaves need to also showcase some signs of illness on resuming, as his behaviors and actions are scrutinized by the suspicious employers. If the limitation is stomach related like food poisoning, one can act just the way when one falls sick, however never overdo such acts. Some common types of limitations requiring hospital care must be searched for. However, make sure your productivity in work is not impacted much having direct impact on your promotions and work assessment.