Month: January 2014

Knee Pain Can Be Caused By Muscle, Skin or Nerve Issues

The knee pain is a common issue faced by many women and men of a middle age group and even in case of children. The symptoms of knee pain might be similar for most people; however, the causes can be far different from each other. There are many patients including professionals who are many a times victims of this disease and as a result have many doctor visits due to their inability to walk carefree. The knee ligaments can be damaged due to wear and tear, injuries and many other causes which need to be acquainted with.

The common problem of Osteoarthritis

The people, especially ladies become deficient in calcium at one point or the other. Hence, the knee bones and muscles are impacted when that person crosses a certain age. The pain in the knees is evident as the person also finds problem in walking.

Hurt and injury to the knee

4Many a times, the knee bone is directly impacted and hurt which causes a swelling and lot of knee pain. Sometimes, there are cases of fractures too which are found very often. This is highly found in sports people like athletes, etc. They overuse the knee muscles called tendons and many a times they get sore and become damaged. Untreated or improperly treated injuries can jeopardize further into prolonged pain and related difficulties.

Losing the elasticity

The knee contains a fluid called bursa between two bones just below the knee skin. This is necessary for maintaining the flexibility of the knee muscles. With age and excessive use, the knee slowly loses the cushion and hence causes friction of knee bones. This is a permanent problem which can require correction with operations relating to kneecap. Sometimes, with higher severity in problems this can result even in kneecap replacement surgeries.

The nerves and the knee connection

The nerves are fibers spread throughout the body, and hence even the legs have nerves called femoral nerve. If there is a lot of pressure continuously on that nerve it tends to pain the various parts like knees, thighs, etc. There is a burning sensation as well. This causes difficulty when moving and climbing stairs. The patients are tested for tumors in many cases related to knee problems like these.

Largest joint endangered

Thus, knee joint problems can have significant complications as the patient needs to diagnose the root cause of the disease. In many cases, significant amount of time is required for recuperation. There are medications. Exercises and also various other therapies like acupuncture, etc. which are given to the patients for relief and for betterment in the knee reflexes and for reducing its stiffness. The cartilage needs to be restored in most cases as these prevents any jerks and also absorbs all kinds of shocks caused to the knees.

Hence, people must take of their overall health of the body, as all the organs are interrelated. A nerve or a muscle or skin damage can be the cause of excessive knee pain making it unable for you to attend your office and also meet your personal responsibilities too.